The Glenleighden School curriculum involves implementation of the Australian Curriculum with the integration of multidisciplinary perspectives on intervention, including specialist teaching, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, music therapy and well-being support through a school counsellor and psychologist.

Education involves specialist teaching methods and management approaches based on a detailed understanding of the processing characteristics and learning styles of the students. Personalised Learning Plan meetings with parents, at least twice a year, ensure that the team and families fully understand the child’s unique educational and therapeutic needs.

Educational experiences are complemented by a range of extracurricular activities including sports and lunchtime clubs which cater for a range of student interests.

The school is organised into four sub schools

  • The Glenleighden School Early Childhood program caters for students from Preparatory year and sometimes Year 1, depending on the learning needs of the student.

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  • Children may enter Junior School from other schools or may transition from Glenleighden’s Early Childhood program.

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  • The Middle School program is based on the Australian Curriculum, with adjustments supported by a multidisciplinary team of teachers and allied health professionals.

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  • In Senior School the younger students continue to follow the Australian Curriculum with a focus on building literacy and numeracy skills.

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