Speech & Language Development Australia is funded by the Queensland Department of Education, which enables School Support Services to operate with no cost to visited schools for eligible students.

Eligibility for Referral:

Verified Students
  • Prep to Year 12 Students.
  • Verified students (e.g. SLI, ASD, ID, SED, VI, HI, PI) with language as their primary area of difficulty.
Non Verified Students
  • Prep to Year 3 Students.
  • Students who are being investigated for Language Disorder.
  • Please note – access to this service will depend on current availability and demand, and must be negotiated with the team.

The best way to make a referral or find out more about School Support Services is to use the below form, or call 1300 881 763. Referral forms can then be completed after speaking with the team. As this is a school based service, referrals will only be accepted directly from schools. Parents are advised to speak with their school about making contact with School Support Services.

  • Speech and Language Development Australia (SALDA) is operated by CHI.L.D. Association. In referring your child to SALDA for services, I/we acknowledge that: I give permission for SALDA to visit my/our child at his/her school for the purpose of an advisory visit. I give permission for the relevant documents and…

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