Speech and Language Development Australia (SALDA) is now Language Disorder Australia.

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School Support Services

Every child deserves the chance to succeed at school.

Getting a good start in school provides the foundation for a child’s learning and development for the rest of their lives. The reality is children grow and develop at very different rates. Those who have difficulties developing speech and language skills face an uphill battle to engage and achieve within their educational setting.

By the time a child starts school they are expected to have achieved certain developmental milestones, however research indicates two children in every classroom across Australia are affected by Language Disorder. These students often present with difficulties following directions, communicating in the classroom and regulating their behaviour. They frequently go unidentified, because their poor language skills and academic performance are attributed to other difficulties.

For over 35 years, SALDA School Support Services has been enhancing outcomes for students with Language Disorder through consultation, capacity building through intensive support and professional learning for school staff.

School Support Services visit schools across metropolitan, regional and rural areas of Queensland. The service works collaboratively across all three education sectors in Queensland (State Schools, Catholic Education and Independent Schools Queensland) to ensure individualised approaches are developed to support each student to access the curriculum in a safe and supportive environment.

Our goal is the same as yours:

To ensure every student is supported to achieve their goals, enhance their relationships, and have a life based on their own decisions and choices.

We understand education and learning, and we have the solution to help students thrive at school. We will help them find their voice.

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  • School Support Services is a multidisciplinary consultative program specialising in providing support to schools to enhance learning outcomes for students with Language Disorder and related difficulties. The team includes a range of professionals, including speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, educators, a physiotherapist and a guidance officer. Language Disorder impacts…

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  • School Support Services visit schools in metropolitan, regional and rural areas across Queensland. Visiting teams consist of a speech pathologist and another professional, such as an educator, occupational therapist, physiotherapist or psychologist.  During the visit: During school visits, our team are able to provide services for up to four…

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  • School Support Services also provide additional support to schools through the intensive support program following the multidisciplinary consultation. This service is currently available to support verified students (e.g. SLI, ASD, ID, SED etc.) who meet eligibility requirements. Eligibility is determined through information collected during the multidisciplinary consultation and assessed…

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  • To ensure all schools (including metropolitan, regional and rural) receive an equitable service, School Support Services utilises both face-to-face and e-services to enable access to the program. All schools receive an initial visit face-to-face, as the teams regularly travel around Queensland. Additional services, such as the intensive support program,…

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  • Speech & Language Development Australia is funded by the Queensland Department of Education, which enables School Support Services to operate with no cost to visited schools for eligible students.   Eligibility for Referral:   Verified Students Prep to Year 12 Students. Verified students (e.g. SLI, ASD, ID, SED, VI,…

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  • School Support Services program has a long standing service agreement with the Queensland Department of Education through the: Specialist Disability Support in Schools (SDSS) program; and Non-State Special Needs Organisation Program (NSSNOP) The SDSS program funds students from Prep to Year 12, who have a verification of Speech Language…

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We put the interests of others above our own and actively seek out opportunities to help.


We love what we do and show this through our enthusiasm, energy and positive mindset.


We have high expectations of ourselves and each other, and continually strive to be better tomorrow than we were today.


We accept responsibility, do what is expected of us and are answerable to each other.


We are friendly, generous and considerate in everything we do.


We deliberately enable others, develop their agency and voice, and are committed to their success.


We show through our everyday actions that we value others as unique individuals, entitled to our high regard and dignity; honouring their difference and contribution.

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