Education Support Services

As a part of SALDA’s commitment to supporting children and young people with Language Disorder our Education Support Service has been created to provide additional support to schools and families in the community.

Education Support Services provides direct services to students, schools and families.

Our service provides assessment and intervention to students with additional learning needs and is suitable for students who would benefit from either assessment or a block of direct educational support by a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) or Psychologist.

Services Available:

Speech Pathology
  • Formal assessment
  • Individual speech therapy and capacity building for school staff
  • Services can be delivered onsite at Brisbane metropolitan schools or via e-services to regional and rural areas. Please note, travel fees may apply for onsite visits.
  • Psychoeducational Assessment
  • Classroom observations and behavioural consultation

Our Educational Support Services team is supported by educators, occupational therapists and a physiotherapist to enable delivery of a transdisciplinary service supporting the holistic development of students and young people to maximise their learning outcomes.

We provide our services onsite within your educational setting or in our clinic.

When accessing our individual speech therapy, schools also have the option of engaging a staff member to enable capacity building and long term student support. For e-services schools/families are also required to provide a computer or laptop with adequate internet connection to handle the software provided by us.

For school based services (where ongoing services are funded by schools) a service agreement will be required to be signed by the principal or principal’s delegate, before sessions can commence. This outlines the obligations of both the Educational Support Services and the school.

This service is available to schools and families on a fee for service arrangement. Contact us for a quote today via email by filling out the below form, or call 1300 881 763 (option #2).



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