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Speech & Language Development Australia are pleased to offer a variety of professional learning opportunities to support children and young people with speech, language and communication needs.

We are committed to providing evidence based information for educators, therapists, parents, carers and the broader community that is beneficial and engaging. Register to explore our workshops, webinars, Online Learning Modules and handouts.

  • As a part of SALDA’s commitment to supporting children and young people with Language Disorder our Education Support Service has been created to provide additional support to schools and families in the community. Education Support Services provides direct services to students, schools and families. Our service provides assessment and…

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  • Register to Speech & Language Development Australia Professional Learning portal to access: Online Learning Modules Webinars Handouts

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  • Speech & Language Development Australia delivers a wide variety of webinars and workshops for teachers, teacher aides, school officers, therapists, support workers, parents and carers.¬†Find out more about our upcoming events here. All of our live webinars are recorded and uploaded for you to watch at your own convenience….

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  • Online Learning modules are designed to teach facilitators, therapists and educators a variety of concepts with regards to speech and language.

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