Webinar: Emotion Regulation

Emotional regulation is the ability to monitor and manage one’s emotions and thoughts in ways that have positive outcomes. Dysregulation can impair cognitive processes like working memory and can disrupt learning activities or negatively impact peer relationships. Supporting students’ regulation can therefore positively influence social and academic success.  

Caregivers such as teachers play a critical role in supporting regulation development from early years to young adulthood. Educators can help students maintain a regulated state and understand their feelings. Educators can also help students grow in their development of independent or self-regulation.  

This webinar aims to discuss emotion regulation and provide strategies to support students in the school setting.  

Key Learning objectives 

  • Overview of Emotion Regulation 
  • Understanding stages of emotion regulation  
  • Implications of emotion regulation difficulties in the school setting 
  • Strategies to support students’ emotion regulation 

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