School Assistant (relief)

The role of the School Assistant is to facilitate the smooth implementation of the specialist teaching and therapy programs under the direction of teaching and therapy staff.

The School Assistant contributes to the provision of a quality educational service by assisting and supporting teachers and therapists with the preparation and enhancement of learning materials and associated activities.

A School Assistant is a vital member of a multidisciplinary team and supports the appropriate education/developmental outcomes for children/students identified with primary language and related disorders/difficulties (including Speech Language Impairment [SLI] as defined by Independent Schools Queensland).

Main duties and responsibilities

The main duties and responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting with the management and stocktaking of equipment and resources.
  • Communicating effectively and displaying a high level of interpersonal skills to function as an effective team member.
  • Maintaining anecdotal records on students for use in reviewing students’ development.
  • Displaying respect and empathy for students with high level needs.
  • Displaying confidentially, tact, reliability and sensitivity to students and their families.
  • Compiling and supervising of class rolls.
  • Clerical assistance duties including typing teachers’ or therapists’ notes and work programs, duplicating and photocopying teaching and therapy materials, collation of assessments, recording of assessment results, compiling students’ results records, assisting in the organisation of offsite activities.
  • Assisting in the supervision of education activities, under the direction of a teacher or therapist.
  • Assisting in preparing, storing, making available and clearing away teaching and therapy equipment and materials.
  • Assisting teaching and therapy staff with playground, gate duty and bus supervision.
  • Collecting money from students for various school activities, as required.
  • Contributing to the welfare, health and safety of students including the delivery of First Aid. Where the School Assistant is required to administer First Aid, the School Assistant is required to be formally trained in the administration of First Aid and keep such qualifications current.
  • Assist students with special needs, this may in certain circumstances extend to moving students with disability, assisting with positioning, assisting with meals, toileting and dressing of pupils unable to care for themselves. Suitable training is essential.
  • Listening to students’ reading.
  • Reading aloud and storytelling.
  • Management plans, as advised by appropriate teachers or therapists.
  • Supervise students at arrival and departure from school, participating regularly in taxi duty or pick-up duty with full understanding of the procedures relating to Child Protection.
  • Participate in special events or activities which are an integral part of the organisation and School’s program, including Sports Day, School Concert, camps, horse-riding, Awards night.
  • Assist in preparing for, implementing and tidying after teaching and therapy sessions, as allocated by the appropriate teacher or therapist.
  • Prepare therapy, teaching and/or administrative materials as negotiated with the appropriate teacher or therapist.
  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment for all school community members by adhering to relevant WH&S policies and procedures (e.g. Sunsafe policy, incident forms); being available to clean up personal accidents; and show initiative in attending to unsafe or unhealthy incidents.
  • Specific classroom duties under the direction of the teacher or therapist which may include; working with small groups and/or individual students on curriculum and/or therapy based activities; working with students using electronic devices and programs.

Qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience

Qualifications / Registrations / Professional memberships

  • Certificate III in Education Support (or comparable qualification).
  • First Aid Certificate (HLTAID003 or HLTAID004)

Knowledge, skills and experience


  • Well-developed communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills necessary for productive working relationships with staff, families, public organisations and the community.
  • A demonstrated commitment to optimal educational outcomes for children and preparedness to exhibit dedication to the implementation of the program.
  • Ability to attain competencies in specialised programs, particularly Key Word Sign.
  • Ability to successfully participate as a team member, with recognition of the necessity to follow instructions at specified times.
  • Ability to understand and comply with the policies and procedures relating to WH&S, including Child Protection.


  • An understanding of the workings of a multidisciplinary team (teachers and allied health professionals), preferably in the area of students with disability.

Mandatory Requirements

  • A current Blue Card or Exemption Card (working with children check) or other acceptable evidence.
  • Driver’s Licence (occasional driving of the small school bus may be needed, which only requires a Type O licence).
  • To obtain or provide First Aid Certificate or equivalent upon commence of work, and to keep current through-out period of employment.

Working Relationships

  • Direct reporting to the Head of Teaching and Learning.
  • The School Assistant will maintain effective working relationships with administrative, therapy and education staff and work collaboratively with all SALDA staff.
  • The School Assistant will establish and maintain appropriate relationships with members of the school community.

To Apply

All applications for this position are to be made directly to HR of SALDA. Please email your cover letter and resume to:



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