Speech and Language Development Australia (SALDA) is now Language Disorder Australia.

Please note that the current website will remain online until we launch our new website in upcoming weeks.

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A Message from the CEO

Speech & Language Development Australia (SALDA) is passionate about educating, supporting and advocating for children and young people with speech, language and related disorders, enabling them to find their voice. We are unapologetically ambitious in striving to ensure extraordinary outcomes, beyond what anyone imagined possible, for children and young people with language disorder.

We know that Language Disorder does not need to be a barrier to achievement and success, but it does require deliberate, connected and focused support and intervention. Our diverse and experienced professional team at SALDA is committed to doing this through our constantly evolving portfolio of services. These include The Glenleighden SchoolSchool Support Services, Allied Health Assessment and Therapy ServicesProfessional Learning, and Research and Advocacy.

Our work is crucial not only for the children and young people we directly serve, but also for their families and for society as a whole. Developmental Language Disorder, a hidden disability, impacts more than 1 in 14 children, that’s on average 2 in every classroom. This statistic does not include those children and young people who have Language Disorder coexisting with another biomedical condition such Hearing Impairment, Autism, Intellectual Disability and Down Syndrome.

Students with Developmental Language Disorder do not easily obtain funding for support, often leading to inequity of service access through programs such as NDIS and government funding for in-school support. Students with Language Disorder are more often able to access government funding based on their primary diagnosis, say of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Ensuring recognition, funding, support and intervention for children and young people with Language Disorder is an important educational, health, social and economic issue. With early intervention and ongoing well-defined and structured support, we can begin to address the all too prevalent issues relating to educational underachievement, unemployment, poor mental health and involvement in the youth justice system, all of which disproportionally effect the large number of people in our society with Language Disorder.

Whether you are a parent seeking support for your child, a teacher looking to better understand how to support your students, or simply interested in helping to ensure extraordinary outcomes for children and young people with Language Disorder, we would love to connect with you. You can be part of the solution and join us in helping more children and young people to find their voice.

Mark Yeowell
CEO – Speech & Language Development Australia



We put the interests of others above our own and actively seek out opportunities to help.


We love what we do and show this through our enthusiasm, energy and positive mindset.


We have high expectations of ourselves and each other, and continually strive to be better tomorrow than we were today.


We accept responsibility, do what is expected of us and are answerable to each other.


We are friendly, generous and considerate in everything we do.


We deliberately enable others, develop their agency and voice, and are committed to their success.


We show through our everyday actions that we value others as unique individuals, entitled to our high regard and dignity; honouring their difference and contribution.

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