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Hi I’m Emily and I’m a physiotherapist for SALDA. I work with students from Prep to Grade 12 at The Glenleighden School to assist students in optimising their movement. The goal of physiotherapy sessions is to improve the students’ health and wellbeing, especially their participation in the playground, community, classroom and with peers. I love watching the students enjoy their own success when they reach milestones and hearing their excitement and laughter during sessions.


During assessments and in core stability classes, I work with students to complete a variety of movements at different levels of complexity. This position requires both motor planning and core stability.


Physiotherapy sessions often involve working on a combination of skills simultaneously, maximising the time dedicated to practising each skill and creating the opportunity to develop duel tasking abilities. Sitting on an exercise ball whilst catching a ball out of immediate reach works on both core stability and balance, along with visual tracking and visuomotor skills.


Preparation for sport is another important component of the program and students enjoy playing games as a group. As well as developing gross motor skills, balloon volleyball supports team work and communication skills.


Sessions often involve multiple stations to practice different skills. In the fishing station, students are balancing on a wobble board whilst carefully guiding the magnetic fishing rod outside their immediate base of support.

Find out more about the therapy program at The Glenleighden School: https://glenleighden.org.au/therapy/.

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