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Hi, I’m Tom. I’m a speech language pathologist with SALDA at The Glenleighden School. I started at Glenleighden in January 2019, working in Senior School. I work with students from Grades 7 – 12, who all have difficulties using and understanding language. My role is to support their language development, both inside and outside the classroom. Each student that I work with is unique, and I love being able to work with such a range of different personalities and help make a difference at such an important time in their lives.


At different times throughout the school year, I perform assessments with the students. This is done for a range of reasons, such as identifying areas in which they need support, obtaining information that I can relay to the Senior School team to assist their planning, and monitoring their progress throughout therapy.


Speech pathology sessions are allocated in each student’s personal timetable, just like Maths, English and other subjects. In each session, I work with small groups of around 3-6 students targeting specific goals relating to their communication, in areas such as concepts and vocabulary, asking and answering questions, sentence structure and narrative (story telling) skills.

talking with students

In addition to challenges in the classroom, Developmental Language Disorder also affects the students’ ability to form relationships. This is something I help to address, by providing specific therapy for social skills within sessions and by supporting the students in social situations outside of the classroom. I encourage them to use their language skills to build positive relationships with their peers.

talking with teachers & THERAPISTS

I work in a multidisciplinary team, which includes teachers and school assistants, occupational therapists, music therapists, physiotherapist, counsellor and psychologist. I provide them with information and support regarding communication in the classroom, which ensures that the communication used within classes is conducive to the students being able to understand what is being taught, and to express themselves while learning.

Find out more about the therapy program at The Glenleighden School: https://glenleighden.org.au/therapy/.

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