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Hi I’m Emma and I’m a teacher at The Glenleighden School with the Early Childhood team.  I started at Speech & Language Development Australia in 2011 and have worked primarily in the early years.  I love being part of a close knit team with small class sizes so I really get to know the staff and students well.  Every year is different and it can be hard for little ones to settle into school. But it is beautiful to watch them grow and develop throughout the year! Here are some of the things I do as a teacher.


There is a big emphasis on developing literacy skills at school and Glenleighden is no exception.  We read, tell stories and practice our writing, but we always try to make it hands on and engaging.


Learning to count is a really important skill in the early years.  We teach one-to-one correspondence so that our students understanding the “many-ness” of a number (e.g. the number 4 can represent 4 fingers or blocks or dots on a dice). Many people don’t realise that maths is a very language based subject.


In class we use signing to support our students expressive and receptive language.  This provides a visual cue about the word.  We don’t sign every word.  Just the key words in a sentence.

Outside Play

Our students love to play outside.  And we are fortunate to have a beautiful, leafy playground. Play is great for developing their gross motor, social and language skills.

Find out more about the teaching program at The Glenleighden School: https://glenleighden.org.au/teaching/.

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