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Measuring Language Progress in Students with Developmental Language Disorder while attending The Glenleighden School

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Recently, the demographic and multidisciplinary assessment data of 245 students who attended The Glenleighden School from 2005- 2015 was extracted. The research team (SALDA & Griffith University) investigated whether students with Developmental Language Disorder demonstrate improvement in receptive and/ or expressive language skills on the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (CELF) following attendance at The Glenleighden School. The study focused on 64 students in the larger dataset who had assessment results when they started and at one other point in time while at school.

FINDINGS: Results showed significant improvement in the student’s receptive and expressive language during their enrolment at Glenleighden with some accelerated improvement. These results are promising and provide some initial evidence for the effectiveness of The Glenleighden School promoting language growth in their students. These findings were presented at the Speech Pathology Australia National Conference in Sydney and the paper has been accepted for publication following peer-review in the Journal of Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology’s special edition on Developmental Language Disorder in March 2018.

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