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Inconsistent criteria and terminology for children who present with persistent difficulties learning language has significantly impeded access to services, research and advocacy globally.

The CATALISE consortium was formed in 2015, led by Professor Dorothy Bishop and included 57 international experts in the field. Two research articles were published by the consortium, which addressed criteria and terminology. The term Language Disorder was agreed upon with the use of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) prior to adolescence. However, DLD is proving a relatable term by those affected and is being adopted in social media, literature and research. While SALDA continues to support children and young people with Language Disorder, DLD will increasingly become used in messaging over the coming years. A short summary by Susan Ebbels of the change in terminology can be found here.

The original article by Professor Dorothy Bishop and colleagues explaining the consensus process that agreed upon Developmental Language Disorder.

via CATALISE: A Multinational and Multidisciplinary Delphi Consensus Study. Identifying Language Impairments in Children

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