CHI.L.D. Association is now Speech & Language Development Australia


CHI.L.D. Association is changing to Speech & Language Development Australia!

Dear Friends,

CHI.L.D. Association has proudly been the leader in providing expert multidisciplinary education and therapy for children and young people with speech and language disorders since 1976.

Over 40 years we have helped thousands of children achieve their goals and our commitment to helping children and young people find their voice has never been stronger.

Moving into 2017 we have big plans to expand our services, invest further in research and advocate at the national level for children and families affected by speech and language disorders.

To ensure we continue to deliver upon our vision we will be re-branding CHI.L.D. Association to Speech & Language Development Australia.

Our new name comes after consultation with families, health professionals and educators. Thank you to all involved for your immense contribution to our organisation’s future.

The soundwave in our new logo depicts the development of a child from diagnosis through to finding their voice. When people have a voice their thoughts, feelings and aspirations are recognised by others. They possess the capacity to make an impact through their actions and words, both on their own personal situation as well as the broader community. We remain committed to helping every child find their voice.

From Monday 6 February 2017 our new organisation contact details will be as follows:
T: 1300 881 763

What does this mean for you?
This change presents the chance to be part of a growing organisation working to put speech and language disorders on the national agenda. The Glenleighden School will retain its own brand and will continue to be recognised as a vital service of Speech & Language Development Australia alongside our Clinics and School Support Service. We will also be expanding our research and learning development units in 2017 which we know will add great value to families and professionals supporting children with speech and language disorders.

Our vision remains to be the leader in enabling better outcomes for children and young people with disability for whom language is their primary disorder.

If you have any questions about this exciting step forward for our organisation please do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 3378 8444.

We look forward to sharing the journey with you in 2017.

Best wishes,

Hilary Martin
Speech & Language Development Australia (formerly CHI.L.D. Association)

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